Oregon News

  • Big Valley Wildlife Area WA - Closed for Sandhill Cranes

    Sad news for some but exciting for others - the Big Valley Wildlife Area a Unit of the Methow Wildlife Area is closed from May 17, 2024, to Sept. 30, 2024, to provide undisturbed space for a pair of Sandhill cranes.

  • Brant geese: a favorite among bird watchers, hunters in Western Washington

    The article was originally posted by The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and can be found here.  Walk along the Three Crabs property north of Sequim in the early months of the year, and you may hear the distinctive “ronks” and “cruks” of brant geese. The property, located in the Washington Department of Fish […]

  • Swans Return to Washington

    Original article written by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife The swan scoop Trumpeter swans that migrate to Washington originate from forested regions of Alaska and Canada’s western Yukon and northern British Columbia for the winter. They are the heaviest living bird in North America, with wingspans that can exceed 10-feet.

  • An Uplifting October Big Day 2023

    On 14 October, people in 191 countries around the world joined together to celebrate birds for October Big Day. More than 36,000 people contributed 83,735 checklists, setting three new records for the single biggest day in October birding history!

  • October Big Day—14 Oct 2023

    Mark your calendars for October Big Day—14 Oct 2023! Like Global Big Day, October Big Day is an opportunity to unite around our shared love of birds.

  • Wandering Tattlers Are Working Their Way North

    Wandering Tattlers (Tringa incana) easily capture the imagination–they do, really, wander the Pacific, and there are many unknowns about them in the literature. There are many common names for this species.

  • Inspiring Results from Global Big Day 2023

    Birds have the power to inspire and unite. Every Global Big Day recognizes our connection to birds, nature, and each other.

  • Win a free Cornell Lab Bird Painting Course

    Explore your artistic style and train your eye as you create two bird paintings from start to finish. In May, every eligible checklist that you submit gives you a chance to win free access to Bird Academy's How to Paint Birds with Jane Kim.

  • Intermountain West Shorebird Survey April 24th - 30th

    It’s been 30 years since the last region-wide surveys – National Audubon Society, in partnership with Point Blue Conservation Science, The US Fish & Wildlife Service, and state agency partners, needs volunteers to help in 11 Western States. Please consider joining a network of biologists and volunteers advancing shorebird conservation across the Pacific Flyway!

  • March eBirder of the Month Challenge

    This month’s eBirder of the Month challenge, sponsored by Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, focuses on the importance of counting birds. The eBirder of the Month will be drawn from eBirders who submit 31 complete checklists during March that include counts for every species reported.