Species Articles

eBird Northwest authors have written articles to help you identify local species and subspecies and better understand their conservation status. Many of these articles provide field identification tips, range and habitat information, encouraging birders to take a closer look and a little more time with certain birds.  Your keen eye could benefit bird conservation through more specific and detailed eBird Northwest entries. But, it is best to not enter subspecies if you aren’t really sure or cannot get a photo to help verify your observation. Check out the following articles for some great tips and information – more coming soon!

Bushtits: Another east meets west story

Northern Flicker – Red-shafted, Yellow-shafted, Intergrades – Which Do You Have?

The Scrub-Jay world just became more complicated, and interesting

Fall swallows – misconceptions and misidentifications

Northwestern Crows, Genetics, and eBird: New Science for an Old Problem

Get to Know the Olive-sided Flycatcher

White-breasted Nuthatch populations – eBirders aid conservation and prepare for a potential split

Fox Sparrows – one of the Northwest’s more confusing species

Dark-eyed Junco races: Oregon, Slate-colored and Cassiar

Orange-crowned Warblers (Oreothlypis celata) in the Pacific Northwest

The Vanishing subspecies of Wilson’s Warbler

Crossbills of North America: Species and Red Crossbill Call Types

Meet the Red Knot