About eBird

What is eBird and eBird Northwest?

eBird Northwest is a regional portal of Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology’s international eBird program. It was designed to support a growing regional partnership around the eBird citizen (community) science application. The organizations that make up the eBird Northwest team are Klamath Bird Observatory, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Region 1 (Pacific), Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture, and Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.
The eBird Northwest team supports the eBird Northwest website, but is also building additional partnerships that will: expand participation in eBird; encourage community science efforts that support conservation through informed natural resource management; increase the coverage and availability of community science data for conservation and education; and provide news and information that enhances recreational wildlife viewing. A major goal of eBird Northwest is to engage the birding community in science-driven conservation. It does so by providing content and services to birdwatching and natural resource management audiences primarily in northern California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

eBird Northwest and Avian Knowledge Northwest

eBird Northwest is the main community science application of Avian Knowledge Northwest. This regional node of the Avian Knowledge Network is a data-driven decision support system for scientists, natural resource managers, and other individuals interested in advancing bird and habitat conservation in the northwestern United States.

Want to be involved?

We are building a broad partnership to support and participate in the development and growth of eBird Northwest, to connect users with one of the world’s most significant long‐term science projects, and to make the Pacific Northwest one of the most eBirded regions in the world. We actively seek content for our news feed, we offer support for the development and marketing of new and existing citizen science projects, and we invite partners to contribute to the maintenance of eBird Northwest through funding and participation on our steering committee. For more information contact Klamath Bird Observatory (eBird[AT]KlamathBird.org , 541-201-0866).