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Birdwatch Zambia is the primary partner managing the eBird Zambia portal. We are a Birdlife International affliate.

Birdwatch Zambia

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BirdWatch has a long-standing commitment to the conservation of species, sites, habitats as well as supporting people living in and around Zambia’s 42 Important Bird Areas (IBAs). The aim is to continue to promote the study, conservation, and general interest in birds and their habitats in Zambia.

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Through grants and membership fees, we continue to conserve the environment in partnership with Government and non-governmental organizations. At present, we are engaged in habitat restoration of the Lukanga swamp, controlling the invasive Salvinia molesta, building capacity in community members. The community has been empowered with weevil nurturing, monitoring, introduction techniques which they have sustained even after the close of the project in March. The impact of the restored habitat has increased fish catch, improved the habitat for birds and other biodiversity. Lessons learnt have been incorporated into the developing Lukanga Conservation Plan and Advisory Note seeking a protecting status for the Swamps from lawmakers.

As the pioneer of Vulture Safe Zones (VSZ) in Africa, BirdWatch Zambia continues to share lessons within the BirdLife partnership and stimulate interest with land owners who are potential partners on this programme.  With the current vulture project in Kafue National Park, BWZ seeks to assess, establish and train land owners at three established VSZ in monitoring and reporting poisoning incidences. Furthermore, raise awareness to surrounding communities through community meetings, radio, print as well as online media highlighting the importance of conserving vultures.

We are working towards creating coordinated mechanisms for detecting, registering, collecting evidence, managing and monitoring vulture poisoning incidents established in Zambia. This being achieved through the community engaged through empowerment to tackle vulture and wildlife poisoning as well increase local technical capacity to holistically address human-wildlife conflict (particularly of farmers). Local communities are directly engaged and made more aware of the value of birds, the threats they face, and the need for their conservation.

Our efforts contribute to formulating policy and advocacy on local and international platforms regarding developments on mining, wind farms, and large dams among others. We have been able to put together position papers, letters of objections and support the halt or delay of projects in ecologically sensitive areas within and outside Zambia.

Through enhanced communication and publication, we are raising awareness to stakeholders, communities, schools and the general public. This is being done through monthly newsletters, workshops, conferences, print and online media.

The annual membership subscription helps to support and compliment project efforts as co-funders. This varies from complimenting field, car, equipment and sundries costs.  Additionally, the membership funding supports communications costs (Staff, website maintenance, publications) which enhance information gathering used to design suitable interventions to combat or mitigate the threats in IBAs. This communication also strengthens collaboration with various government departments and agencies including; Forestry Department and Department of National Park and Wildlife (DNPW), National Heritage and Zambia Environmental Agency (ZEMA), District Councils as well as relevant civil society groups, Site Support Groups (SSGs) and communities in the IBAs.




  • Birdwatch Zambia

    Birdwatch Zambia is an NGO committed to the conservation of birds and their habitats in Zambia.