What's On in November

November arrives with the promise of more birds and more birding. Warblers, raptors, waterfowl, and a bunch of passerines have been enthralling birders who’ve been reporting them all over the country. This month is usually the time of the year when Amur Falcons pass by through the mainland, Common Cuckoos tend to be seen in larger numbers in Southern India and Geese begin to arrive in Northern India in large numbers. Will these trends continue this year? Or are there other surprises in store?

Several wintering subspecies augment the populations of our resident species in this season. The lineatus subspecies of the Black Kite, also known as the Black-eared Kite, tend to come down in droves; the Eurasian Hoopoe of the nominate form (told apart by their paler brown colour, white tips to crest) adds to the resident subspecies orientalis. If you’re in the south, observe Brown Shrikes closely for any individuals that may belong to the lucionensis subspecies, also known as Philippine Shrike (told apart by their grey crowns).


Tokhü Emong Bird Count (TEBC) -Nagaland’s second edition of bird documentation event will take place from 4- 7 November 2023. See here for more details.


Tokhu Emong Bird Count 2023 Poster

Maharastra Paskshimitra is celebrating its Pakshi Saptah from 5 Nov- 12 Nov. This event is to commemorate the birthdays of two renowned ornithologists- Dr. Sálim Ali (12 Nov) and Shri Maruti Chitampalli (5 Nov).

Around these same dates, we will also be celebrating Sálim Ali Bird Count, initiated by BNHS. 

Salim Ali Bird Count 2023 Poster

PakshiSapta 2023


Bird Walks


Jungle Buddies Tour is conducting a bird walk focusing on Raptors on 27 Nov 2023. The walk will be at Mumbra Hills, a small hillock on the banks of river Ulhas in Mumbra. Click here for more details.

Raptor Watch by Jungle Buddies

Regular Events

This webpage lists bird events (mostly walks) that are conducted on a regular schedule (typically weekly or monthly) by various birding groups across the country. Take a look to see if there is something happening near you!


If you enjoy challenges, do take a look at some of the global challenges set for this new year.

The November 2023 eBirding Challenge for India can be seen here.

Take a look at the yearly challenge for India for 2023

Coming soon -the global eBirder of the Month challenge and here is the global Checklist-a-day Challenge to look forward to.

Are you organizing a birding event soon?

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