What's on in July

Although a relatively quiet month in the year for some birders, July can be an exciting time to add to our knowledge of birds. As the rains hit various parts of the country, a number of changes occur in the birdlife of the region as well.

Breeding activity for most birds continues into June and it’s a great time to document the locations and timing of breeding of birds by adding a suitable ‘Breeding Code’ whenever you see any signs of breeding: from ‘Singing male’ (indicating possible breeding) to ‘Nest with young’ (indicating confirmed breeding). Learn more about breeding codes.

Several of our resident skulkers, such as the bitterns and the rails, are much more visible during this season. As these graphs and charts show, three species of bitterns (Yellow, Cinnamon, Black) are seen far more frequently in the months of June and July. The same can be said of the elusive Watercock. During breeding season (June-July), they are reported far more often than at any other time of the year.

Regular Events

A new webpage lists bird events (mostly walks) that are conducted on a regular schedule (typically weekly or monthly) by various birding groups across the country. Take a look to see if there is something happening near you!


If you enjoy challenges, do take a look at some of the global challenges set for this new year.

The July 2023 eBirding Challenge for India can be seen here.

Take a look at the yearly challenge for India for 2023

There is also the global eBirder of the Month challenge as well as the global Checklist-a-day Challenge to look forward to.

Are you organizing a birding event soon?

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