Explore species on eBird Mobile

By Team eBird 22 Jan 2021

New places to find birds are right at your fingertips with eBird Mobile Explore. Now you can search for hotspots and species on ANY mobile device – including iOS!

Finding birds is easier than ever with eBird Mobile’s new Explore Species feature now available for iOS and Android. Search for recent reports of your favorite species, or find new birds you’ve always wanted to see.

eBird Mobile Explore Species gives you essential information to plan your birding activity such as when species were last reported to eBird, how many were observed, and a link to the checklist.

To explore species on eBird Mobile, simply tap “Explore” at the bottom of the app. Try the search bar to look for a species, or check out the full list of recently reported species near you. When you’re ready to go birding, get navigation directions with the press of a button. New birds are just around the corner, time to go find them!

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