By eBird India May 2, 2020
May can be sluggish in terms of migrant bird sightings. Although the heat and the current lockdown have constrained birders from going outdoors, many have compensated by watching birds right in their balconies and backyards.  This is also the month when a lot of our resident birds are busy breeding.
By eBird India April 3, 2020
The lockdown may have kept us away from our favourite birding hotspots but it hasn’t stopped the birds from visiting us. Look outside your window, and you’ll see birds doing all kinds of activities: a male sparrow with its black bib is on the search for a mate; a crow defending its territory by mobbing […]
By Team eBird March 20, 2020
In difficult moments, we believe birds continue to provide hope and escape into nature that they always have for millions of people every day. The simple act of watching birds brings us together, even if we’re birding alone.
By eBird India March 1, 2020
The arrival of spring is usually marked by the trees flowering and the birds are hard at work. For some birds, it means acquiring breeding plumage and courting their mates while for others it means getting ready to make the long journey back to their breeding grounds.
By Team eBird February 18, 2020
The State of India’s Birds report was launched yesterday. This is the first comprehensive assessment of the distribution range, trends in abundance, and conservation status for most of the bird species that regularly occur in India.
By eBird India January 28, 2020
February is as energizing as January with numerous transients, including ducks and geese, that are seen in huge numbers. As the magnitude and diversity of migrants across the country continue so are the chances of seeing species like Common and Long-legged Buzzard, Black-bellied and Little Tern, Booted and Sykes’s Warbler, Bar-headed, and Greylag Goose, etc […]
By eBird India December 29, 2019
Birding kicks off in 2020 with bird races, bird surveys, and many other birding events! A great way to meet other bird watchers is by going to such events.
By eBird India November 28, 2019
Winter is here. While the temperature is pleasant in southern India, it will soon get extremely cold in the northern parts.
By eBird India November 1, 2019
The crisp November weather is perfect time to be outdoors looking out for winter migrants that will arrive in large numbers. Bar-headed Geese will be making their long and high journey, flying 23,000 ft.
By eBird India September 30, 2019
Isn’t October an exhilarating month for us bird watchers! With the monsoon retreating; migrants increasing, and big birding events around the corner–we have so many reasons to be outdoors this month.