Which eBird Portal to Use for Maine Bird Observations?

We have recently made the decision to keep 2 state-based eBird portals for Maine. Although having 2 portals for entering Maine eBird records may seem confusing, deciding which portal to use is quite simple.

If your checklist includes one or more species with a breeding code of Confirmed, Probable, or Possible, enter the entire checklist  in the Maine Bird Atlas eBird portal. Remember that all Possible Breeding codes (S, H) and some Probable Breeding codes (S7, M, P, & T) must be within the “Safe Dates” for the code to be used at all.

If your checklist does not include species with any breeding codes, enter the entire checklist in the traditional Maine eBird portal.

Even though the Maine eBird portal will accept breeding codes, records that include breeding codes should not be entered there as they will not be integrated into Maine-specific atlas results and outputs.