A new era of eBird Science: Status and Trends

This month we are excited to announce a huge advance in the understanding of birds, only made possible with eBird data. The bird observations submitted by you and many others contribute to these exciting new results: your eBird checklists are now working even harder to advance science and our knowledge of birds. The result of all this hard work is eBird Status and Trends—detailed population information for 107 species of North American birds, providing an unprecedented depth of information in four key areas:

#1: Abundance maps, shown here for Cedar Waxwing

#210-year population trend maps, shown here for Eurasian Collared-Dove.

#3Habitat association charts, shown here for Magnolia Warbler in New York

#4: Range maps, shown here for Red-winged Blackbird.

eBird Status and Trends products allow us to more fully understand species throughout their entire annual cycle, with novel insights like population trends for species that breed or winter in areas not historically covered by other data. Dive into the website to discover new insights about these species and explore even more at eBird Science. These products use novel statistical techniques, developed specifically for use with eBird data, to control biases and to isolate the biological signals contained within eBird’s 600 million observations. You can also read the FAQ to understand some of the science behind these new products.

Each year we will update the Status and Trends, incorporating your latest observations, updating existing species, expanding geographic coverage, and adding new species to provide timely monitoring of the health of bird populations. eBird Status and Trends improve bird monitoring by complementing existing information from other sources. Each checklist you submit will allow eBird to refine and expand the ability to track trends for more species, more regions, and with more precision.

All of this is powered by you, and for that we’re extremely grateful. We can’t wait to see what you continue to report in the coming months and years. Together, we are eBird.