eBird is a big place, with lots to do and explore. Here we’ve highlighted some of our favorite resources for your convenience—all free, of course. Learn how to find more birds or explore sightings from others. If you’re a young birder, check out our resources that are specifically tailored to helping you improve your skills and connect with others.


  • For Young Birders

    Formerly known as the "Young Birders Network", the resources here contain pretty much everything that a young birder needs to know about a life with birds. From community resources to connect with other young birders, to tips and tricks about choosing colleges and career paths, it's all below.

  • Sharing your sightings on eBird

    Map any bird. Your sightings become part of the shared global effort to map bird ranges.

  • Tracking your lists with eBird

    My eBird lists. Every eBird checklist you add is automatically tallied on all your applicable lists.

  • Finding birds with eBird

    Map any species, anywhere. Dynamic range maps for every species in the world, updated live with each eBird checklist that gets entered.