White-crowned Sparrow ML45363901
White-crowned Sparrow Zonotrichia leucophrys

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Newly published research in the journal Biological Conservation finds that changes in human behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic can have major consequences for community data-gathering projects such as eBird. Researchers must take into account that when human behaviors change, so do the data being collected.

Song Sparrow ML207297161

At eBird Northwest, we encourage everyone to watch birds and share what they see. Thanks to Birdability founder Virginia Rose and National Audubon's Birdability Map, eBirders can take direct action to help people find accessible spaces to watch birds.

Bushtit (Pacific) ML36243231

The Pacific Bushtit and Interior Bushtit populations differ visually and apparently have relatively little contact, as they are largely separated by major ecological barriers to bushtit dispersal, such as the Sierra and the Cascades. Even though Bushtits are considered relatively sedentary, both populations are expanding their range, creating the possibility of increased contact, particularly in areas where the barriers to dispersal are not as significant, such as the Klamath Basin, the lower passes in the Cascades and the Columbia Gorge.

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