Finding birds with eBird

Map any species, anywhere. Dynamic range maps for every species in the world, updated live with each eBird checklist that gets entered. See a full species’ range as well as specific points on the map by zooming in. Try it.


Discover birding hotspots. Find the best places to go birding around the world. Millions of eBird Hotspots provide up-to-the-minute information on the very best locations and what’s been seen there. Find your new favorite birding spot.

Explore counties, states or provinces, and countries. Our dashboard view for any region around the world gives all the stats you could want: most recent sightings, first-ever sightings, all-time high counts, best hotspots, and more. Click the Illustrated Checklist to see the migration timing alongside a virtual field guide built from eBirders’ best photos and recordings. Search your home county or state.