eBird paper published in PLoS Biology

By Team eBird 22 Dec 2011

Figure 2 from PLoS Biology paper

Thanks eBirders! You’ve done it again. Your active participation in eBird allowed us to publish a paper that highlights how eBird engages the birding community in science and conservation in one of the leading scientific journals in the world, PLoS Biology. We hope that this publication shows the ways that you (the eBird community) shape our thinking about eBird, and also demonstrates how your observations are being used by scientists and the conservation community. Because PLoS Biology is an open access journal, we encourage you to share this link and content with anyone interested in reading, reproducing, or distributing it. Feel free to translate it, post it to listservs, or put it to use in any other way. We hope you view the article here.

As we stated in the paper, it is our pleasure to thank the tens of thousands of eBird participants and hundreds of editors who have lent their time and regional expertise to our data quality processes through creating filters, reviewing records, and critiquing eBird itself. Without your continued support and assistance eBird could not exist and we thank you for not just your data submissions, but also by sharing eBird with your friends, providing us feedback on how to improve, and sending donations. Thank you from all of us at Team eBird!