ISS Newsletter for 2011

By Team eBird 14 Dec 2011

Juvenile Willet (Western subspecies). Massachusetts, 31 Aug 2011. Photo by Marshall J. Iliff

The annual newsletter from ISS/PRISM has now been published for 2011 and is available for download at the bottom of the story. Each year the newsletter, which is sent out to all participants, provides perspectives on the populations and seasonal patterns of shorebirds based on ISS/PRISM data. In this year’s newsletter, we introduce Brad Winn and give information on shorebird workshops and the ISS/eBird partnership. A longer article by Paul Smith details how researchers have used citizen science data from the ISS to understand trends for over 40 species of shorebirds in North America. These have yielded some well-known results, such as confirmation of declines in Red Knot and Long-billed Curlew, along with surprising ones, such as declines in Black-bellied Plover and an increase in abundance for Semipalmated Plover.

The newsletter is available for download below, as is an ISS data entry form. We strongly encourage you to enter your data directly in ISS eBird, but the data entry form may be helpful for recording your birds in the field.


ISS Newsletter 2011

ISS Data Entry Form (PDF)

ISS Data Entry Form (XLS)