Join the Macaulay Treasure Hunt!!

By Team eBird 21 Aug 2018

Are you a bird photographer or sound recordist? We have a mission for you! eBird and the Macaulay Library are building a new tool—Species Pages. And we need your help to complete it. The new Species Pages will give you an entirely new way to explore information on any bird in the world, showcasing all the data in eBird and Macaulay Library including your contributions for that species (if you want a sneak peek sooner: become an eBird Supporter).

Thanks to eBirders and recordists from around the world, the Macaulay Library has over 8 million photos and sound recordings. The breadth and depth of this collection helps support research and tools for birders never before possible. Merlin Bird ID, for example, would not be possible without all of the photos in the Macaulay Library. Even with all of these amazing assets, the Macaulay Library is missing photos for 800 species and sounds for almost 2,000 species! These critical gaps need filling and we need your help to complete the species pages, so birders around the world can explore any species they want. Join us on an avian treasure hunt and help us complete our Species Pages!

Check out our list of missing and target species—searchable by continent, country, or family. Do you or your friends have photos or recordings? If so, upload them now and help us reach our goal.

Your media not only powers these new Species Pages, but also Merlin Bird ID, Illustrated Checklists, and more. And of course, even if you haven’t been to the ends of the world to photograph or record these rare birds, don’t worry—your sightings and media are still valuable!