• By Team eBird Canada May 3, 2021

    Be a part of birding’s biggest team! Global Big Day is an annual celebration of the birds around you.

  • Great Egret ML53278731
    By Team eBird May 3, 2021

    Whether you know Ardea alba as Great Egret, Agró blanc, Velika bijela čaplja, or Sølvhejre, your eBird experience can display bird names in your preferred language. With 7 new options, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology now offers bird common names in 84 languages and regional dialects – including 14 variations of Spanish, six for French, […]

  • Evening Grosbeak ML280859221
    By Denis Lepage, Jody Allair and Yousif Attia | Team eBird Canada January 26, 2021

    What a year. COVID of course was the dominating news of 2020, and it had an impact on birders and how they used eBird.

  • Townsend's Solitaire ML288000961
    By Team eBird Canada December 15, 2020

    Christmas Bird Count (CBC) season is here! Each year, tens of thousands of birders throughout the western hemisphere participate in a cooperative effort to count birds within established 15-mile diameter circles.

  • Paradise Riflebird ML279853951
    By Team eBird November 24, 2020

    eBird, the Macaulay Library, and other Cornell Lab projects have been restored. A huge thanks to the Cornell Lab technical team for their hard work migrating the entire eBird database to its new home.

  • Rose-breasted Grosbeak ML140452721
    By Team eBird November 10, 2020

    A new study using sightings reported to eBird found that many migratory birds time movement to match “green-up” or emergence of leaves, as they travel north and south. Frank La Sorte, a research associate at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Catherine Graham, a researcher at the Swiss Federal Research Institute in Switzerland, found that […]