• Rose-breasted Grosbeak ML140452721
    By Team eBird November 10, 2020

    A new study using sightings reported to eBird found that many migratory birds time movement to match “green-up” or emergence of leaves, as they travel north and south. Frank La Sorte, a research associate at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Catherine Graham, a researcher at the Swiss Federal Research Institute in Switzerland, found that […]

  • Dunlin ML271800691
    By Team eBird Canada October 24, 2020

    On 17 October more than 31,000 birders from around the world ventured out into backyards and beyond to enjoy birds for October Big Day, joining from 167 countries with more than 450 eBirders in Africa, 1,750 in Asia, 2,300 in Europe, and 3,800 in South America. This global team, united by birds, found an astounding […]

  • By Team eBird Canada October 13, 2020

    Mark your calendars for October Big Day—17 October 2020! Big Days are a 24 hour opportunity to celebrate the birds both near you and around the world. In addition, this year’s October Big Day 2020 is happening during the first Global Bird Weekend.

  • Common Loon ML230300591
    By Team eBird Canada September 24, 2020

    Whether you know Gavia immer as  Common Loon, Plongeon huard or Great Northern Diver, your eBird experience can display bird names in your preferred language or dialect. With 9 new options, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology now offers bird common names in 78 languages and regional dialects – among them 6 for French, including French […]

  • By Team eBird September 17, 2020

    eBird’s new design for Region and Hotspot explore pages brings mobile-responsiveness and new tools to some of eBird’s most visited pages. All your favorite features are still there—plus we’ve added exciting new ways to explore hotspots and regions.

  • Northwestern Crow ML188235001
    By Team eBird August 25, 2020

    August is traditionally when we update eBird records with recent advances in bird taxonomy. However, this year’s update is postponed due to ongoing improvements to the eBird database.

  • By Team eBird July 8, 2020

    We just upgraded My eBird with a modern, mobile-friendly look and new ways to track your activity to help you get the most out of eBird. My eBird now displays recent checklists and media uploads so you can quickly access, edit, and share your latest birding experiences. Familiar links to help you manage your eBird data […]

  • Sooty Grouse ML232963131
    By Team eBird Canada May 14, 2020

    Birds always give us an opportunity to keep looking up. In every corner of the world, on every day of the year, birds are migrating, building nests, raising young, and inspiring people everywhere.

  • Hermit Thrush ML226499101
    By Mike Burrell May 8, 2020

    If you are fortunate enough to be healthy, at home, and a birder during the COVID-19 pandemic, yard birding can be a fun way to pass the time outside and connect with nature. Allow me to offer one piece of birding positivity in these difficult times – this year offers a rare opportunity we might […]