By Team eBird October 5, 2020
This month’s eBirder of the Month challenge, sponsored by Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, is all about participating in October Big Day! This month Zeiss has generously doubled the prizes available to help celebrate October Big Day.
By Team eBird September 30, 2020
eBird’s new design for Region and Hotspot explore pages brings mobile-responsiveness and new tools to some of eBird’s most visited pages. All your favorite features are still there—plus we’ve added exciting new ways to explore hotspots and regions.
By Team eBird September 30, 2020
Whether you know Podiceps cristatus as Great Crested Grebe, Bahri, or Somormujo lavanco, your eBird experience can display bird names in your preferred language. With 9 new options, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology now offers bird common names in 78 languages and regional dialects – including 15 variations of Spanish and 6 for French!
By Team eBird August 12, 2020
Finding birds is easier than ever with eBird Mobile’s new Explore Species feature (now available for Android and coming soon to iOS). Search for recent reports of your favorite species, or find new birds you’ve always wanted to see.
By Emily Anderson July 6, 2020
Congratulations to June’s Vermont eBird Images of the Month winners! In the first photo taken by Christian Hagenlocher, a Common Loon floats in Lake Rescue in Ludlow.
By Kent McFarland May 29, 2020
More than 300 Vermont birders share what they saw with Vermont eBird and the world on May 23. Together, we set a Vermont record for the most bird checklists reported on a single day of birding—724 checklists and 178 species—adding invaluable data to the Vermont eBird database for science, conservation and education.
By Kent McFarland May 19, 2020
On May 23rd, spring migration will be at its peak in Vermont. Join us in Vermont's biggest birding day - the Vermont Backyard Bird Quest 2020.
By Emily Anderson May 5, 2020
Congratulations to April’s Vermont eBird Images of the Month winners! In the first photo taken by Thomas Berriman, a Spruce Grouse pauses on moss-covered ground in Wenlock Wildlife Management Area.
By Emily Anderson April 24, 2020
If you stand outside around dusk on a warm evening beginning in May, you might just hear a distinctive call: whip-poor-will, whip-poor-will! A male Eastern Whip-poor-will is somewhere nearby and the Vermont Center for Ecostudies wants to know!
By Emily Anderson April 6, 2020
Congratulations to March’s Vermont eBird Images of the Month winners! In the first photo taken by Kyle Tansley, an American Robin enjoys a snack in Chittenden.