Male (Damar) © James Eaton eBird S65142408 Macaulay Library ML 205752941
Female (Banda Sea) © James Eaton
Male (Timor) © Pam Rasmussen
Male (Moluccan) © Simon Colenutt
Female (Banda Sea) © Robert Hutchinson
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Female (Babar) © James Eaton
© Deanna MacPhail
Male (Moluccan) © Gil Ewing
Male (Timor) © Jafet Potenzo Lopes

Yellow-throated Whistler Pachycephala macrorhyncha

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A chunky, heavy-billed songird. Highly variable, with possibly multiple species involved. Male is distinctive, with a black hood, a white throat (bright yellow on Tanimbar), a bright yellow underside, and dull green upperparts with a golden collar. Females are dull, with brown or gray upperparts, a pale throat, and pale buff to yellow underparts. Female differs from Fawn-breasted Whistler in having a larger body and a longer, heavier bill; from female Wallacean Whistler by absence of throat streaking; and from Drab Whistler by yellower underside and browner upperside. Vocalizations variable, with loud whistles sometimes ending in whip-cracking notes, such as “wee-wee-wee-WHIP-CHOO.”