Adult (Sooretama) © Andres Vasquez Noboa eBird S116971649 Macaulay Library ML 477850181
Adult (Gray-headed) © Róger Rodríguez Bravo
Adult (Yellow-olive) © Euclides "Kilo" Campos
Adult (inornatus) © Fernando Angulo - CORBIDI
Adult (Sooretama) © Hudson - BirdsRio
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Adult (Mato Grosso) © Giselle Mangini
Adult (asemus) © Jay McGowan
Adult (Sooretama) © Stephen Jones
Adult (Santa Marta) © Jay McGowan
Adult (Guianan) © Jay McGowan
Adult (Gray-headed) © John Drummond
Adult (Sooretama) © Silvia Faustino Linhares

Yellow-olive Flatbill Tolmomyias sulphurescens

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Rather uneventful-looking flycatcher of tropical lowlands, in both humid and drier situations. Favors forest and woodland edges, and in semiopen areas with taller trees. Perches mainly at mid-levels, when often holds its tail slightly cocked. In Mexico and Central America, can be identified by its pale eyes accentuated by whitish spectacles, a rather broad bill that is pale below, and thin, pale pinkish legs; also note the yellowish edgings to the wing feathers, not forming distinct wingbars. High, lisping call easily passed off as an insect or a begging baby bird. Several similar species occur in South America, best identified by voice.