Breeding male © Mansur Al -Fahad eBird S65111212 Macaulay Library ML 205497691
Female © Evan Buechley
Nonbreeding male © Jörg Knocha
Breeding male © Gregory Askew
Flock © Gregory Askew

Yemen Linnet Linaria yemenensis

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A fine-billed finch with a notched tail. Male is neatly patterned, with a dusty orange back and flanks contrasting sharply with sandy gray hood and rump; also note pale central belly stripe. Mostly black wings and tail have prominent bright white flashes which are most visible in flight. Female is much duller, with more prominent streaking. Juvenile is buffier and streakier overall than adults. Inhabits dry hills of the southwestern Arabian Peninsula, where pairs and small groups can be found in juniper forest, lightly wooded slopes, and river valleys between 1700–3000m. Forages on the ground, and perches on exposed branches and dead trees. Sings a typical canary-like song with whistles, trills, and buzzes. Call is a high-pitched “tirrit”. Streaky juvenile could be confused with a canary, but white in the wing is distinctive.