Adult male © Sue Wright eBird S34060500 Macaulay Library ML 47046911
Female/immature male © Joshua Vandermeulen
Adult male © Jorge Muñoz García CAQUETA BIRDING
Female/immature male © Jay McGowan

Yellow-collared Chlorophonia Chlorophonia flavirostris

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This brightly colored bird is found in a limited stretch of the humid foothills and subtropical zone in western Colombia and Ecuador. The male is mostly lime green with a bright yellow belly and collar wrapping around the back of the neck. Note the salmon-colored bill and legs, pale eye, and chestnut markings on the sides of the neck. Females are duller and less sharply dressed than males, but still mostly green with a yellow belly. Can be found in pairs or flocks, usually high in the canopy, where they blend in with the foliage. Often seen around fruiting trees or clumps of mistletoe. This species undergoes erratic seasonal movements, so it can be common in an area but then disappear for months. Listen for the plaintive, high-pitched “teew” calls.