Adult © Bernardo Roca-Rey Ross eBird S54623524 Macaulay Library ML 151322001
Adult © Oscar Johnson
Adult © Ian Davies
Adult © Fernando Angulo - CORBIDI
Habitat © Jay McGowan

Yellow-bellied Tanager Ixothraupis xanthogastra

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A small, colorful bird of forest canopy. Mostly bright green spotted heavily with black; the wings are bluish and the belly clear yellow. Occurs in humid lowland and Andean foothill forests in central and western Amazonia; in eastern part of range it is mainly found in tepui foothills but is perhaps overlooked in lowlands. Usually observed in mixed-species flocks, especially with other tanagers, moving quickly through canopy feeding on insects and fruit. Makes a variety of high-pitched calls, especially in flight, similar to other small tanagers and not particularly helpful in identification. Told from Speckled and Spotted tanagers by bright yellow (not white) belly, and from Dotted Tanager by yellow belly and extensive black spotting on head and breast.