Adult male © Steve Kelling
Adult © Douglas Gimler
Adult © Caleb Strand
Adult (with Long-billed Dowitcher) © Ian Routley
+ 3
Adult © Jeff Timmons
Habitat © Maria Loukeris

Wilson's Snipe Gallinago delicata

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Plump, well-camouflaged shorebird that blends into wet meadows and marshes. Dark and heavily marked, with pale buffy stripes on back and face. Extremely long bill used to probe into mud for invertebrates. Similar in shape to American Woodcock but much darker with extensive markings on underparts. Fairly common and widespread throughout North America, wintering to northern South America. Found in muddy wetlands, flooded fields, and marshes, usually singly but sometimes gathering in loose groups. When flushed, listen for rough call note. On breeding grounds, watch and listen for aerial flight display, given day and night: a rapid series of hoot-like noises produced by the outer tail feathers in flight.