Adult female © Andrew Spencer
Male © Ad Konings
Adult female © Greg Drawbaugh
Adult female © Melissa James
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Juvenile male © Matt Davis
Juvenile female © Bryan Calk

Williamson's Sapsucker Sphyrapicus thyroideus

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A boldly patterned woodpecker of mountain forests with mix of conifers and aspen. Male is striking: mostly black with bold white wing patch, two white stripes on face, red throat, and yellow belly. White rump is conspicuous, especially in flight. Female has a brown head and intricate black-and-white barring on the body and wings; the yellow belly can be hard to see. Typically occurs singly or in pairs, often foraging inconspicuously. Moves to lower elevations in migration and winter, occurring in a variety of wooded habitats, often with oaks and conifers. Staccato drumming like other sapsuckers, starting out fast and slowing down with uneven tempo. Also listen for various other rasping calls.