White-winged Tapaculo Scytalopus krabbei

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Described to science in 2020, this tapaculo was long overlooked due to its similarity with other species. It ranges in high elevation cloud forest along the east slope of the Andes in northern and central Peru. Plumage is mainly gray with brownish rear parts that are faintly barred. It has a few white feathers on the shoulder, which distinguishes it from all other tapaculos in Peru, but this feature is very hard to see in the field. Female is browner than male. Currently it is known from only a few sites, but will likely be found more widely now that its vocalizations are known. Song is a steady series of buzzy calls; the first few notes may be slower paced and higher pitched. Also gives a quick burst of sharp notes, repeated every few seconds. Stays low and is usually hard to see.



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