Adult male © Bob Martinka eBird S22885462 Macaulay Library ML 172874591
Female/immature male © Oscar Campbell
Adult male © Otgonbayar Tsend
Male and female © Pavel Parkhaev
Female/immature male © Oscar Campbell
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Adult male © Yasuhiko Komatsu
Male and female © Liam Singh
Adult male © Kantori Birders

Stejneger's Scoter Melanitta stejnegeri

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Large scoter with distinctive white patch on wing. Males are black and have small white mark under eye, dark knob on the bill, and red-and-orange bill tip. Females are dark chocolate-brown and have two rounded white patches on face. Extremely similar to White-winged Scoter: note male’s much more angular head structure with steeper and more prominent protuberance and different bill coloration. Female is much more difficult to identify, but has more swollen-looking protuberance. Breeds in Russian tundra and taiga pools and lakes, winters on the coast; only very occasionally reported inland in the winter.