Male © Emily Turteltaub Nelson eBird S66273739 Macaulay Library ML 218475611
Female © Peter Kaestner
Male © Maurice Raymond
Male © Pat McKay
Male © Shailesh Pinto
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Male © Ken Rosenberg
Female © Fred Peters

White-tailed Trogon Trogon chionurus

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This yellow-bellied trogon is fairly common from Panama to western Ecuador. Males have a dark head and breast with deep indigo iridescence, an iridescent turquoise or purplish back, and a plain white undertail. Females are grayer on the head and breast with a barred undertail that has large white tips on the tail feathers. Note the pale blue eyering. Compare with Gartered Trogon, which has a yellow eyering and different undertail pattern (barred with white tips on males, more black on females). Found singly or in pairs in forests, edges, and gardens up to around 1,000 m. Listen for accelerating series of “pow” notes and purring calls.