Breeding adult © Jay McGowan eBird S69262863 Macaulay Library ML 239403841
Juvenile © Samuel Paul Galick
Juvenile © Luke Seitz
Nonbreeding adult © Ray Turnbull
Molting adult © Annie Lavoie
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Juvenile © Patrice St-Pierre
Juvenile © Daniel Irons
Breeding adult © Ian Davies

White-rumped Sandpiper Calidris fuscicollis

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Long-winged sandpiper most easily identified by size and shape. Slightly larger than other small sandpipers; noticeably elongated body and long wingtips. Distinctive white rump visible in flight. In breeding plumage, crisply spangled black and brown wings; note warmer brown cheek and crown and extensive fine streaking on sides. Nonbreeding plumage is plainer gray with pale eyebrow; typically shows some streaking on sides well into the fall. Juvenile bright and crisp; note pale eyebrow and long wings. In all plumages, shows brownish base to the lower mandible, only visible at close range. Most similar to Baird's Sandpiper but grayer. Found on mudflats, shallow marshy pools, and flooded fields; often mixed with other small shorebirds. Short, high-pitched, metallic call usually given in flight or when alarmed.