Adult male © Ian Davies eBird S23811415 Macaulay Library ML 42408031
Female/immature © Brian Sullivan
Adult male © Lynden Schofield
Immature male © José Frade
Female/immature © Jorge Safara

Whinchat Saxicola rubetra

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Male distinctive, with bold white eyebrow, dark cheeks, and peachy-orange breast. Female duller but with a ghosting of the male’s pattern, especially the pale eyebrow. In flight, shows distinctive white bases to sides of tail. Found in open country on heathland, moorland, rough grassland, often with bracken. Non-breeding habitat is somewhat similar, with open grasslands, marshes, and forest clearings being favored. Perches atop bushes and on fences, dropping to the ground to feed, hopping around briefly before flying back up to a perch. Song consists of quick, jumbled phrases consisting of whistles, trills, and dry rasping rattles. Calls include short dry rattles, a quiet “dew”, sometimes doubled, and dry “tak” notes.