Male © Sayam U. Chowdhury eBird S59121198 Macaulay Library ML 259895481
Female © Sujan Chatterjee
Male © Thierry NOGARO
Male display © Lisa & Li Li
Male and female © Stephan Lorenz
+ 2
Male and female © Clinton Nash & Maria Nicolaou

Wilson's Bird-of-Paradise Diphyllodes respublica

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A fairly small bird of foothill forest on Waigeo and Batanta islands. Dark blue feet and strange pale blue skin on the top of the head divided by thin, black lines. Male has bottle green chest, red back and yellow on the back of the neck, all or which it can erect into elaborate ornamentation during the display at a court on the ground. Remarkable flattened, curly tail feathers reflect blue. The female is brown above with rufous in the wing and barred below. Unmistakable in range. Male gives a series of loud, downslurred “piuu!” calls, increasing in volume.