© Fanis Theofanopoulos (ASalafa Deri) eBird S50290421 Macaulay Library ML 254920241
© Mattias Hofstede
© Henry Cook
© Shailesh Pinto
© Lars Petersson | My World of Bird Photography
+ 2
© Nigel Voaden

Violet Turaco Musophaga violacea

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Spectacular purple turaco with a beautiful facial pattern: a large red-and-yellow bill, red bare skin around the eye, a white patch behind the eye, and a dark red back of the head. Shows large crimson wing patches in flight. Found along forest edge and in gallery forest and lush gardens. Acts like a typical turaco, bouncing through the trees and flying occasionally with short bursts of wingbeats and long glides. Call is a low, rollicking trill that is often given in raucous chorus by a group. Similar to Ross’s Turaco, but overlap in range is minimal, and Violet is easily separated by many details of its facial pattern, including its two-colored bill.