© Gustavo Silva
© Claudia Brasileiro
© Caio Brito
© David Carmo

Southern Tropical Pewee Contopus cinereus

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Small, gray flycatcher lacking strong markings. Note its peaked crown and yellow lower half off bill. Some birds may show faint wingbars and a slight yellowish cast to the belly. Little overlap with other pewees; in the Andes it might be found together with Eastern Wood-Pewee or Western Wood-Pewee during the northern winter. Southern Tropical Pewee has shorter wings, a longer tail, and may show a faint spot between the bill and eye. Voice is the most reliable way to separate them. Listen for an explosive “CHIpeer” as well as a series of sharp chip notes. Typically encountered at forest edge or in clearings. Often perches on an exposed branch, from which it flies out to chase insects in looping, acrobatic sallies.