Adult light morph © Steven Mlodinow eBird S37288243 Macaulay Library ML 60333361
Adult light morph © Brian Sullivan
Adult dark morph © Brian Sullivan
Adult dark morph © Alex Lamoreaux
Adult light morph © Malcolm Gold
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Adult light morph © Bryan Calk
Adult light morph © Gordon Atkins
Adult dark morph © Harold Ziolkowski
Adult dark morph © Brian Sullivan
Juvenile dark morph © Margaret Viens
Juvenile light morph © Ian Davies
Juvenile © Cédric Duhalde
Juvenile dark morph © Brian Sullivan
Juvenile light morph © Brian Sullivan
Habitat © Joshua Schrecengost

Swainson's Hawk Buteo swainsoni

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Longer-winged than Red-tailed Hawk, but otherwise the same size. Found in prairies and agricultural regions of western U.S. and Canada in warm months. Varies in color from rather pale with white belly to completely brown. Light morph is more common with brown breast band contrasting with white throat and belly. In flight from below, note dark primaries and secondaries contrasting with whitish forewing of light morph. Winters in South America and along Pacific coast of Central America. Extremely rare in U.S. in winter.