Male (Red-bellied) © Mateus R. Giotto eBird S32174850 Macaulay Library ML 38059341
Male (Orange-bellied) © Anonymous
Female (Red-bellied) © Adrian Antunez
Female (Orange-bellied) © Charlie Keller
Male (Red-bellied) © Alec Earnshaw
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Male (Red-bellied) © Naíla Lepre
Male (Orange-bellied) © Pauline Yeckley
Male (Red-bellied) © Chris Wood

Surucua Trogon Trogon surrucura

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Often draws attention to its presence by its song: an ascending sequence of “kwa” notes, similar to Green-backed Trogon, but faster. Two subspecies occur in Brazil, Paraguay, and northeastern Argentina with limited geographical overlap that vary in the color of the breast and eyering; the southern one has a red belly and eyering, while the northern one has a yellow belly and eyering. The males of both subspecies have a violet-blue head and breast, a green back, and a white undertail. Females have a dull gray breast and the undertail is gray with white tips. Found in the middle to upper levels of forests and woodlands.