Adult male © Alex Burdo eBird S29179091 Macaulay Library ML 63525591
Female © Don Danko
Immature male © Louis Bevier
Female © Janice Neitzel
Adult male © Janet Rathjen
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Adult male © Jim Gain

Summer Tanager Piranga rubra

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Large tanager with a hefty bill. Adult males are completely red; immature males are dull yellow-olive with blotchy patches of red. Females are variable in color, ranging from pale dull yellow to brighter orange. Can be confused with female Scarlet Tanager; Summer has a longer, paler bill and less contrast between wing and body color. Also compare with dustier-looking, stouter-billed Hepatic Tanager. Breeds in mature forests, favoring mixed deciduous and pine in the southeastern U.S. and riparian corridors in the western U.S. and northern Mexico. Extensive winter range from Mexico to Bolivia, where it can be found in any wooded area. Often gives a short, descending rattle “pit-a-tuck.”