Adult (South American) © David Disher eBird S24568285 Macaulay Library ML 48900061
Adult (Galapagos) © Paul Tavares
Juvenile (South American) © Jeremiah Trimble
Juvenile (South American) © Roger Ahlman
Adult (South American) © Roger Ahlman
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Juvenile (South American) © Paul Tavares
Adult (Galapagos) © Lisa Owens

Striated Heron Butorides striata

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A very widespread small heron, common across much of the globe. Small size and overall gray color separates from most other herons and bitterns. Look for contrasting dark cap, distinct pale edges on wing feathers, and white and rufous stripes on front of neck. Juvenile streakier below than adult. Similar to Green Heron but note mostly gray neck with restricted rufous. Juvenile is much smaller and more slender than juvenile Black-crowned Night-Heron, with long streaks on the chest and spotting restricted to the wings. Normally solitary, found standing quietly around wetland habitats such as marshes, agricultural fields, rivers, and lakes.