Female © Michael McCloy
Male © Charley Hesse TROPICAL BIRDING
Female © Beatrice Henricot
Male © Eliana Ardila Kramer (Birding By Bus)

Red-billed Streamertail Trochilus polytmus

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This long-tailed beauty is Jamaica’s national bird along with Black-billed Streamertail, which is now considered a separate species. Male has a glittering green body, black crown, and red bill; younger males and molting birds may not have the signature tail streamers, giving them a somewhat different look. Female lacks the long tail and is similar to Black-billed Streamertail, but usually shows a pink tinge to the base of the lower part of her bill. Her relatively large size and longer bill help separate her from Vervain Hummingbird. Found in forest in most of the island except for the far east, where it is replaced by Black-billed Streamertail, and readily comes to feeders. Local names for this species include “doctor bird” and “swallow tail humming bird”.