Adult (Spike-heeled) © Keith Barnes eBird S65002265 Macaulay Library ML 204671651
Adult (Beesley's) © Niall D Perrins
Adult (Spike-heeled) © Christoph Moning
Adult (Spike-heeled) © Rogério Rodrigues
Adult (Spike-heeled) © Charley Hesse TROPICAL BIRDING
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Adult (Spike-heeled) © Marco Valentini
Adult (Beesley's) © Toby Austin

Spike-heeled Lark Chersomanes albofasciata

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A sociable lark with a decurved bill, upright posture, and a diagnostic short white-tipped tail. The plumage is highly variable, but the throat is always paler than the underparts, which vary from buff to rusty; eastern populations are darker than western ones. Small groups of 3 to 10 birds are resident in desert, semi-desert, and grassland, where they forage for invertebrates and seeds in open country with sparse low bushes. The species flies low with a bobbing flight pattern, and generally for distances of only 10 to 50 meters, before dropping suddenly to the ground. Gives a characteristic quavering trill “trrrri-trrri-trrri-trrri” and other soft contact calls.