Adult male © Nick Athanas eBird S49526125 Macaulay Library ML 120993951
Adult male © Roger Ahlman
Female © Peter Hawrylyshyn
Immature male © Carlos Siegert
Adult male © Roger Ahlman
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Adult male © Brooke Miller
Female © Galo Real

Spangled Coquette Lophornis stictolophus

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Tiny, short-tailed hummingbird with disjunct range from Venezuela to southeast Ecuador. Spectacular male is mostly green with a bushy orange crest with black spots, a dark throat, a red bill, and a white band across rump. Female is duller overall with a rusty forehead and a whitish throat. Unlikely to be confused within its range, but compare with Rufous-crested Coquette (male lacks black spotting in crest and female has a brighter rusty throat). Generally rare in lowlands and foothills up to around 1,200 m. Most likely to be seen at purple Verbena flowers or in the canopy of a flowering Inga tree.