Breeding adult © Brad Imhoff eBird S67798741 Macaulay Library ML 227320211
Nonbreeding/immature © Ian Davies
Nonbreeding/immature © Ethan Denton
Breeding adult © Jay McGowan
Breeding adult © Jay McGowan
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Juvenile © Alix d'Entremont
Juvenile © Marc St. Onge

Solitary Sandpiper Tringa solitaria

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Medium-sized shorebird. Gray above and white below, with fine white speckling on wings and bold white spectacles. Note dark underwing and dark rump in flight. Smaller and shorter-legged than Lesser Yellowlegs, with duller greenish legs. Often alone, but multiple individuals may gather loosely in appropriate habitat. Tips body like Spotted Sandpiper, but less constantly and not as quick and dramatic. Breeds around ponds and marshes in the boreal forest; uses old songbird nests in trees, unlike most other shorebirds. In migration and winter, mostly seen on small bodies of water like muddy ponds, lake edges, and slow-moving streams. Extensive winter range throughout Central and South America. Listen for piercing, high-pitched “tsee-weet!” call.