Breeding adult © Evan Lipton eBird S22923095 Macaulay Library ML 66801751
Immature © Evan Lipton
Adult © Liam Huber
Breeding adult © Ben Frueh
Adult © John Sutton
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Adult © Evan Lipton
Adult (with Great Egret) © DigiBirdTrek CA
Habitat © Jeanne-Marie Maher

Snowy Egret Egretta thula

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Small white heron with black bill, black legs, and yellow feet. Lores (between eye and bill) are usually bright yellow, but flush reddish in the breeding season. Also note lacy plumes on head, breast, and back during breeding season. Immatures have duller yellow lores and more yellow extending up the legs than adults. Fairly common and widespread in North and South America; often most common along the coast. Found in a variety of wetland habitats, especially shallow marshy pools and mudflats. Forages fairly actively in shallow water, often darting after small fish. Compare with immature Little Blue Heron, which usually has more greenish legs and lores, and note Snowy’s more active feeding style.