Breeding male (Siberian) © Manjula Desai eBird S54035852 Macaulay Library ML 163378451
Female © Robert Clark
Nonbreeding male © Bhaarat Vyas
Breeding male (Caspian) © birol hatinoğlu
Breeding male (Przevalski's) © Vincent Wang
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Breeding male (Caspian) © birol hatinoğlu
Female © Markus Craig
Female © Markus Craig
Female © Bhaarat Vyas
Breeding male (Siberian) © Andrew Spencer
Nonbreeding male © Hari K Patibanda
Breeding male (Siberian) © Mahathi Narayanaswamy
Nonbreeding male © Ivan Sjögren

Siberian Stonechat (Common Stonechat) Saxicola maurus

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Chunky little bird of open landscapes; often sits on exposed perches. Breeding male has a black head, broad white half-collar, and rusty-red chest. Non-breeding male is patchier, with a paler head and chest. Female is predominantly streaky brown above, with a weaker, less contrasting face and chest pattern. European Stonechat is very similar, and can pose identification problems where the species overlap; look for Siberian’s larger white wing patch, duller orange on the chest, and whiter rump. Amur Stonechat is extremely similar, and in areas of overlap, or in cases of vagrancy, most individuals are inseparable based on current knowledge.