Adult © James (Jim) Holmes eBird S21735432 Macaulay Library ML 105142241
Immature © Fabrice Schmitt
Adult © James (Jim) Holmes
Adult © Peter Kyne
Immature © Alvaro Jaramillo
+ 2
© Dan Burgin

Chatham Albatross Thalassarche eremita

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A medium-sized albatross with a thin black border outlining the white underside of the wing with extensive black wingtips. Dark gray head is lighter on the crown. Note bright yellow bill with conspicuous black spot at tip of lower mandible. Only breeds on The Pyramid, an isolated island in the Chatham Islands. Similar to Salvin’s Albatross, which has a grayish bill and a lighter gray head and neck. Buller’s Albatross is smaller and has a broad black leading edge on the underwing. Immature Salvin’s, Bullers, and Chatham Island Albatrosses all look similar, but the Chatham Albatross has the darkest gray head, with some yellow shown on bill.