Puna Pipit Anthus brevirostris

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Slender brown and buff bird found in dry grasslands in the high Andes. It has a streaked breast and white outer tail feathers that can be conspicuous in flight. Similar to several other pipits; some features that help to distinguish it include its pale overall appearance, lack of thick stripes on back, faint eyebrow, thin whisker mark, and whitish (not buffy) belly. Other pipits in range tend to favor more humid areas. Voice is the best way to verify ID. Song, often given in flight, starts with a few chip notes, then morphs into a descending buzz and is quickly followed by several sharp chirps. Feeds on the ground, and sometimes comes up to an elevated perch such as a rock or a wire. This species was split from Short-billed Pipit, which is found at lower elevations and does not overlap with Puna Pipit.



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