Sharp-beaked Ground-Finch Geospiza difficilis

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A wedge-billed Galápagos finch found only Fernandina, Santiago, and Pinta. Bill is thin and sharp, and edges of upper and lower bill are nearly straight. Bill is black on breeding male and dull orange on female and nonbreeding male. Male’s plumage is sooty-black; female is brown with paler underparts that are streaked with gray. Very similar Small Ground-Finch has less pointed bill with more curved edges. As bill size varies slightly among individuals, not every bird can be identified with confidence. On Fernandina and Santiago, it is common only in mostly inaccessible highland forest, and is quite scarce and perhaps only seasonal along the coast. It may be easier to find on Pinta, but this island can only be visited with special permits. Formerly also occurred on Santa Cruz, Floreana, and San Cristóbal, but there are no recent substantiated records.



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