Adult (Atlantic) © Evan Lipton eBird S37604044 Macaulay Library ML 61137711
Adult (Atlantic) © Evan Lipton
Adult (Atlantic) © Keenan Yakola
Adult (Gulf of Mexico) © Andy Jordan
Adult (Gulf of Mexico) © Tim Lenz
+ 6
Adult (Cape Sable) © Andrew Spencer
Juvenile (Atlantic) © Michael Stubblefield
Juvenile (Gulf of Mexico) © Mike Melton
Adult (Atlantic) © Ian Davies
Habitat © Mark R Johnson

Seaside Sparrow Ammospiza maritima

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The darkest sparrow found exclusively in wet saltmarshes with tall grass. Shares habitat with Saltmarsh and Nelson's Sparrows but Seaside is plainer and grayer overall. Plumage differs slightly among populations: Gulf Coast birds brighter, southern Florida birds show more distinct streaking below, Atlantic birds dullest. All populations have a contrasting white throat, yellow in front of eye, and a long bill. Perches conspicuously when singing, otherwise secretive, especially in winter. Rougher, buzzier song than Nelson's or Saltmarsh Sparrows: a few harsh introductory notes followed by a raspy sigh.