Breeding male © John Martin eBird S39379229 Macaulay Library ML 69907291
Female/nonbreeding male © Peter Dunwiddie
Breeding male © Carly Wainwright
Breeding male © Marco Valentini
Female/nonbreeding male © Charley Hesse TROPICAL BIRDING
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Breeding male © Shailesh Pinto

Southern Brown-throated Weaver Ploceus xanthopterus

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Fairly small and slim weaver with a slender bill. Breeding male is distinctive: bright yellow overall with a chestnut bib. Females, non-breeding males, and juveniles are much duller but show streaking on the back and (usually) a pale base to the dark bill. Found mainly in wetlands, though they will range into drier surrounding country. Almost always in flocks. Vocalizations are typical of weavers: “chek” notes and a sizzling, “radio static” song. Plumages other than breeding male can be hard to separate from other weavers, but they can be cautiously identified by the pale base of the bill, wetland habitat, and overall size and shape.