Adult (Savannah) © Bryan Calk eBird S51411371 Macaulay Library ML 136429501
Adult (Ipswich) © Samuel Paul Galick
Adult (Large-billed) © Jordan Satler
Adult (Belding's) © Luke Seitz
Adult (San Benito) © David Pereksta
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Adult (Savannah) © Henry Trombley
Juvenile (Savannah) © Daniel Jauvin
Adult (Savannah) © Oliver Patrick
Adult (Savannah) © Brad Imhoff
Adult (Savannah) © Jay McGowan
Adult (Ipswich) © Evan Lipton
Adult (Belding's) © Andrew Newmark
Adult (Large-billed) © Ryan O'Donnell
Adult (Large-billed) © Tom Edell

Savannah Sparrow Passerculus sandwichensis

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A medium-sized, short-tailed sparrow. Extensive plumage variation across range, but always streaky. Usually shows distinctive yellow patch in front of eye, but this can be indistinct or absent on some individuals. Some populations in California and Baja have larger bills and more muted gray streaking; others are very dark and boldly streaked. “Ipswich” Sparrow on the Atlantic Coast is paler with unique buffy-pinkish tones. Almost always found in open areas, from meadows and hayfields to tundra and coastal dunes. Tends to be found in more open habitats than Song Sparrow; also smaller and shorter-tailed.